Non Woven Weedmat

Non Woven Weedmat

Non woven weedmat is made from spunbonded polypropylene, it is hydrophilic allowing water to penetrate the fabric to help maintain soil humidity. It is easy to cut and does not fray making it simple to use.

UV stabilized for New Zealand conditions.

60 & 80 GSM



  • Uv stabilised
  • Reduces photosynthesis preventing weed grow
  • Resistant to bacteria and mildew
  • Made using the latest technology providing improved strength and quality


Non Woven Weedmat11060Black
Non Woven Weedmat12560Black
Non Woven Weedmat15060Black
Non Woven Weedmat15080Black
Non Woven Weedmat22560Black
Non Woven Weedmat25060Black
Non Woven Weedmat25080Black