Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth

Agpac Premium Knitted Shade Cloth nets offer protection from direct sunlight with accurate shading percentages and high UV stabilization. This helps to create a more productive greenhouse environment by providing uniform shading, regulating temperature, and allowing plants to retain more moisture.



  • Premium knitted HDPE monofilament (Mono/mono yarn).
  • 3.66m rolls are folded to 1.83m width.
  • Shade factor is an approximate guide which may vary depending on the actual application
  • 10 year UV warranty


DescriptionWidth(m)Length(m)ColourShade Factor
Shade Cloth1.8350Green30-35%
Shade Cloth3.6650Green30-35%
Shade Cloth1.8350Green45-50%
Shade Cloth1.8350Black45-50%
Shade Cloth3.6650Green45-50%
Shade Cloth3.6650Black45-50%
Shade Cloth1.8350Green65-70%
Shade Cloth1.8350Black65-70%
Shade Cloth3.6650Green65-70%
Shade Cloth3.6650Black65-70%
Shade Cloth3.6650White65-70%
Shade Cloth1.8350Green75-80%
Shade Cloth1.8350Black75-80%
Shade Cloth3.6650Green75-80%
Shade Cloth3.6650Black75-80%