Greenhouse Film

Agphane Extreme Greenhouse Film

Agphane Extreme Greenhouse Film Agphane is a specially formulated polyethelene copolymer film of outstanding qualities. Since it was first manufactured in 1977 it has been modified in line with global technology. As New Zealand and Australia are exposed to higher levels of ultra violet radiation and prone to sudden variations in temperature during the growing season, the durability and heat retention properties of greenhouse polythenes used in the USA and many other countries are unacceptable to Australasian growing conditions. In consultation with leading authorities in plastic technology, through our own research and independent trials, Agpac have produced Agphane Extreme – without a doubt, one of the world’s best and most durable polyethelene greenhouse covering films.




  • UV Stabilised for NZ conditions
  • Covers can be fabricated to suit the individual application
  • 33 Month UV warranty
  • Ideal for calf shelters and native plants


Width(m) Length (m) Micron
2 50 125
2 50 200
3 50 200
4 50 200
4 100 200
4 500 200

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